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Why Excel is such an Important Program

By Matthew N 2016-04-20 00:00:00

Technology has become the world’s large shoulder to lean on. We rely on technology for everything. Technology influences just about every cornerstone of the way we live; whether it’s the routine and mundane, or complex tasks that we tackle at work. Technology is everywhere because it provides us with a means to simplify and make things more efficient. While there are several great examples of technology one of the very best examples would be the Microsoft Excel program. While this program was developed quite a while back it hasn’t changed the impact it has on businesses on a worldwide scale.

There is a large reason that knowledge of this program is required to work in several businesses, it’s an incredible tool. Here are a few key reasons excel is such an important program to businesses:

Trend Analysis

Many businesses rely strictly on numbers. Numbers are something that requires only an explanation as to where they came from. Numbers present clear-cut facts and allow businesses to discover trends. Trends are stepping-stones toward successful business. Being able to readily identify something that is having a positive or negative impact via numbers allows a business to identify growth opportunity, or loss prevention in the most efficient manner possible.

Pulling Together Data

Excel has the ability to import from various sources including other spreadsheets, copy and paste, and even database files. Further, they allow you to organize the data into tables (Pivot tables is a popular choice) that allows easy manipulation of the data. To learn more about data imports and manipulation, check out this useful guide.

Online Compatibility

With the continued development of technology, and consistent reliance on smart devices, excel has evolved with modern day preference. The newer versions of the excel program can be accessed via these devices allowing users to have access to important information while on the move, and have the means to put it into effect as needed. You can purchase the latest version of Excel as a standalone software or buy it as a bundle with Microsoft Office which includes other software such as Word and Powerpoint. You can buy it directly from Microsoft or from a reputable verified reseller like SoftwareKing.

Chart Mapping

The number one thing that excel is known for is the charts that it can create. With a mixture of different options available at a users fingertips the ease to make several key choices on a chart is as simple as a few clicks. A few examples are:

In other situations there are various formulas that can be plugged into the graphs to target a particular need, something such as an average number over a course of time. Excel charts are easy to put together, and even more importantly, easy to read over.

Excel is a Game Changer

Excel has established itself as an iconic business software. It’s easy to use but hard to master style software allows it to be powerful in the hands of an expert but still extremely useful even when used by an amateur. It’s set itself as one of the most important business software that is used globally to improve business efficiency, organization, and effectiveness. At this point, it’s hard to ever imagine anything that will replace Excel, with massive budgeting and improvements year after year I think it is safe to say it is going to be around for a very long time.

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