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Weighing The Commercial Space – Top 5 Commercial Properties To Invest In

By Matthew N 2016-05-04 00:00:00

Real estate has always been the golden goose for investors. Unless there is a major downturn, this is one sector where any investor will reap profit. If you are looking for investment options that will enable you to multiply your investment manifolds within a short span real estate is the sector you should look into. However, fact is, the sector is quite diverse with a large number of options. So, which is the best real estate sector to invest in? if you do not shirk away from risks, commercial property is the right sector for your investment.

Commercial properties rule

Commercial properties have always been one of the highest profit grossing sectors. The return on investment has been found to be more than three times the return on investment in residential properties at same location. While the exact profit percentage cannot be estimated, it can be said that an investment in commercial property in a city with booming economy has definite advantage over investment in any other city. Depending on factors like the location, available amenities, transportation, importance of the city in terms of commercial growth, and stage of development of the city infrastructure the value of the commercial property will vary and so will the rate of increase in value.

Commercial properties and its types

Commercial property refers to any property which is meant for any business activity. This encompasses quite a large segment of real estate. This is why commercial properties have been further categorized into few other parts –

The above examples must have cleared the meaning of the various types of commercial properties. These commercial properties do not generate similar ROI. Depending upon the location and the purpose various types of commercial properties have differential ROI.

Which are the best commercial properties to invest in?

The big question now is that which is the best investment option when it comes to commercial properties? While each has their own advantage, we can draw up a general chart depending upon the overall trend. We will take into consideration the trends which have been prevalent in the major metropolitan cities.

The final investment will certainly depend upon your choice and availability of fund. However, before making any decision, do consult commercial property investment experts like Altus Group. They will guide you into taking the right decision.

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