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Unspoken Rules for Effective Packaging

By Matthew N 2016-04-20 00:00:00

M&S Savoury Biscuits By Nightingale Design

Packaging is one of, if not the most important factor of an item made to sell. It’s overlooked due to the excited of what is in the box or bottle, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a true statement. Packaging is the first thing a consumer encounters, whether they are fully aware of what the product is, or they just happen to be browsing and stumble across it. This makes the idea of a “good first impression” that much more important. It’s for this very reason that the following should be considered to insure that packaging is effective and achieves the results you are hoping to pull in.


One of the most important factors of package design is a clear and simple design. The longer a customer or client has to look at the packaging and wonder what it’s trying to portray the less effective the design is. Packaging needs a kind of wow factor. Not to the extent where it’s going to shellshock people, no, but to the extent where appeal is an immediate.

The design should also have a kind of direct relevance to what it’s being applied to. Have you ever seen the cleaning products that look like they could pass off like a kids fruit juice? That would be an example of a bad idea.

Make it Genuine

Consider some unique perspectives on the package design. Think about where it came from originally, where it’s applied to, and other factors similar to those ideas. This can help you create a design that is authentic and contributes toward an “atmosphere” for the product you are trying to showcase.

Honesty versus Exaggeration

There is no other quality that is more valued than honesty. It’s valued so high that most people expect a form of deception in packaging and claims. This is something that should be heavily kept in mind when creating a design. When making claims about what it can do keep the claims realistic. There is a genuine appreciation that people have for realism, and a genuine distaste for the exact opposite.  

Ability to Modify

When you create a design it should always be noted that it’s very unlikely it’s going to be the same design in the future. The process of change and adjustment is an inevitable occurrence in life. The more relative you can make a design to fit this criteria, the easier it will be to transform it at a later date.

This doesn’t mean it has to be a plain design, but it does mean that crazy details that will be impossible to manipulate in an effective manner will be just that: impossible to work with.

Whether it’s fully recognized or not package design is a need for any given product. It is the bridge that closes the gap between product and customer, service and client. Take the time to craft it up to proper standards and the rewards will be well worth it.

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