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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Laser Printer

By Jenny Jones 2017-03-02 00:00:00

Laser printers are the most widely used devices these days. They have replaced all printing devices available in the market. Laser printers use laser technology to print text and images on paper using printer toner. The cost of laser printers has reduced, which makes them affordable. A busy office needs an office laser printer since it produces quality text quality prints, most economical prints, and the fastest speeds in per-page basis.

Usage tips for office laser printers
If your office has a laser printer, you should place it in a separate room. Connect the printer to a local area network to reduce proximity to the laser printer. Additionally, ensure that the printer room is well ventilated, and should be unoccupied when large print jobs are being done.

Choosing an office laser printer
If you are searching for a new office laser printer, here are a few tips that will help you buy the most appropriate and affordable laser printer for your office needs.

Types of functions
A multifunction laser printer is appropriate for offices that need to scan documents, make copies, and send and receive faxes. You can also consider other types of functions like scanning to USB sticks, the ease of printing and scanning using Cloud-based apps, and network locations, and printing from USB sticks.

Monochrome or color
Consider your basic need before buying a laser printer. Consider the types of documents the office will be printing to decide the most appropriate printer that best suits your printing needs. A monochrome laser print is only appropriate for offices that only want to print things like invoices and other monochrome documents. A color laser printer is suitable for offices that print color documents on a regular basis.

The total cost of ownership
The buying cost of laser printers is small. However, the total cost of owning the laser printer is a factor a company should consider. The total cost includes the yield of the toner, cost of replacing a toner for each color, and the price of other consumables related to the printer like a fuser. Most laser printers have one consumable, which is the toner. Remember to take into account if the printer takes super-high yield cartridges or XL. They have a better overall cost per print. Consider the duration it takes before you replace the toner.

Noise emissions and power consumption
It might be difficult to evaluate noise emissions unless you see a printer in action in a retailer or showroom. However, be mindful of that especially if you are buying a large printer. Most printer manufacturers will list a noise level for various models, which can guide you. Purchase a printer with a deep sleep mode. Ensure that you buy a model that is Energy Star compliant. There are plenty of resources available at the West X Business Solutions website for more information.

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