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Are Your Security Guards Alert And Efficient?

By admin 2016-08-01 00:00:00

Security is of utmost importance for any business organization. In thecase of the major business houses, it is imperative to have round the clock security personnel to take care of the business premises, especially in thecase of manufacturing units. However, how to know if your security is providing you complete security? There is also the question of making the security personnel even more efficient through utilization of modern technological advancements. In thecase of failure of security, the issue is not always about negligence by security personnel. At times, it is beyond thehuman effort to stop an incident. However, with the right incident management system in place, you will be able to guarantee thehigher efficiency of your entire security network and thereby increasing the overall security manifolds.

How does security guard management software help?

Security guard management software is not a new concept. It has been in place for decades, just in a different fashion. Use of CCTV cameras and network to monitor the patrolling officers as well as the entire compound is part of thesecurity guard management system. However, recent developments have resulted in much better-working security patrol software which serves agreater purpose than mere tracking through closed circuit cameras.

The security guard tracking system is integrated into all modern security patrol software. This helps both the security personnel as well as the management. On one hand, the management can check whether the security guard is performing the duty efficiently or not. And on the other hand, the security personnel is being protected against any sudden attacks as their activity is monitored all through duty hours and any discrepancy in their patrolling patterns in immediately noticed through the system.

Security guard management software also comes with an ingenious feature of randomizing the patrol pattern and duration. The change of patrol is randomly done by the system itself without any human intervention. This removes any chance of lapse of security at the time of change of patrol. The change of patrol, if maintained using clockwork, can result in unauthorized access using the window of low security.

Incident management system ensures that any incident is immediately reported across the entire security network. The network might have the top management in theloop as well and thus the management is notified of any mishap right at the beginning, allowing abetter chance for disaster control and reducing monetary loss.

What is the investment in case of implementing automated security guard management software?

Security guard management software isn't extremely pricey. It is generally prepared to keep in mind the organizational structure and the specific needs. You can easily gen an efficient security guard management software from companies like Silvertrac at lower price. Since it is a bespoke software in most cases, the investment varies and depends on upon specific needs and requirements. However, with the number of benefits it can be safely said that an investment in security guard management software is certainly a good step forward towards ensuring complete security to any business organization.

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