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5 Things You Need to Know About Renting a Car

By Matthew N 2016-04-03 00:00:00

Very often renting a car can be more efficient than other types of travel. Add up you time and money in public transportation or ferry fees when traveling and you may just find that it is of better value to rent a car. However, in order to maintain the value of your choice to rent a car there are some things you need to know in order to be a smart consumer.

  1. Insurance:
    All car rental companies offer various insurance options in order to protect their vehicles. The prices of car insurance can be up to 100% what the rental fees are. In order to protect yourself from unnecessary charges, make a quick call to your car insurance company to see if you are already covered. Most driver’s are significantly covered or at least partially.
  1. Membership Discounts:
    If you belong to any kind of road side assistance membership, credit card, points cards, or other value memberships, double-check to see which ones are partnered with car rental companies. Very often, you can save from 10% to 25% on your car rental.
  1. Fuel:
    Be sure to ask about the rules on fuelling up the car. Most often, you will need to return the car with as much fuel as was in the tank when you drove it from the car rental lot. If you do not save time at the end of your trip to refuel your rental car to the appropriate level then you will be charged the rental car company’s fee for fuel which is often three times the cost of if you had purchased it yourself!
  1. Double-Check the Condition of the Car Rental Alongside the Employee:
    Something that can ruin any trip is being hit with surprise damage charges upon returning your rental vehicle. When you first pick up your rental car, the employee will make an inspection of the rental car. Make sure to be involved and feel free to ask what the employee is looking for in terms of condition. Pay special attention to scratches on the paint, any faulty buttons, jammed seat belts, and the condition of the fabric. Often, any damage to the car rental will be charged nearly double the rate of repair. Using reputable companies like Discount Car can prevent unnecessary stress.
  1. Mileage:
    It is very important to make note of whether the car rental company will be charging you for mileage ON TOP of the initial rental fee. Some car rental companies offer a competitive rental rate but cap this deal at a limit of kilometers or miles driven. The extra miles are often quite costly and can again, nearly double your bill upon returning your rental car.

With the right knowledge, renting a car can be the key to keeping your trip within your travel budget. Always do your due diligence when renting a vehicle by putting a little research into your own resources such as personal memberships and the standards of the car rental company. 

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